A Christmas Miracle

Children are similar to flowers. For these flowers to bloom, they need proper education and all the happiness. In time of Christmas, Leos of Polgasowita organized this project to provide all the items necessary for an identified group of 55 Children of Koralawella (Moratuwa area) within the ages of 6-15 whom their parents are having ridiculous difficulties to provide them with. We were able to donate them books, stationary, school bags & shoes as it’ll help them to continue their education properly.

This project was a great success all because of the donors and well wishers who joined hands with us within a short notice.

We did a background check and we learned that they are facing these issues yet they are very keen to learn. Some of them lack their parents and some are living with their grand-parents.
So in this great humanitarian occasion, we’d are happy as you all joined with us and lended your helping hand to better serve these innocent Children.

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