Beli Mal Dansala – බෙලි මල් දන්සල

Parama Dhamma Nikethanaramaya is the leading Buddhist temple in Bokundara area, and each day it is visited by many families in numbers for the daily “Bodhi Pooja Pinkama” and evening “Dhamma Sermon”.

The Leos of Polgasowita arranged a Belimal Dansala to assist those who attend the religious activities at the temple on August 14th. Around 60 – 70 people were delivered Belimal and the passer by also joined and quenched their thurst.

Many leos from the Leo club of Polgasowita participated in this occasion while several leos from other clubs and districts also attended. Parents of leos, Lions from Lions club of Polgasowita, the District President Pramod Wimalatunga and Immediate Past District President Leo Chandima Vitanage also graced the occasion.

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