Kavi Bana Deshanawa – කවි බණ දේශනාව

Belimal Dansala was followed by “a Kavi Bana Sermon” which was delivered by venerable Uduwela Seelaalankara thero who also highlighted the importance in organizing such projects and appreciated the fact that the youth is tending to participate in religious activities. The project chairman for both the projects was Leo Dhanusha Rathanayake, who took a lot of effort to make the activities successful.
Prior to the projects we were able to publicize the Dansala and Kavi Bana Dehanawa to the people in the area in the ways of informing them ear to ear and displaying banners in front of the temple. The blessings from the Triple gems were sorted out to make the year ahead a successful and a worthwhile one, and thus Leos of Polgasowita began the journey ‘prospering sustainably’.


Pics by Leo Banuka Vithanage

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