MADD – Leo Multiple Walk 2015

As the largest international youth movement in the country, we believe that we have a social responsibility to contribute towards the wellbeing of the society.

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The increase of trafficking and consumption of drugs has become a very serious issue in the country. Day by day the number of drug addicts are drastically increasing in the society. Specially, the youth who are the future of this country, is largely engaged in the cases relating to drugs and the consumption of drugs. His Excellency the President too has recognized this issue as a serious issue and hence, has implemented a special program to eradicate drug menace from our country.

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Considering the above facts, as a responsible youth organization, we are hoping to organize our Leo Multiple walk on 5th of December 2015 starting from 2.00 P.M. onwards. Main purpose of the walk is to make people aware about the danger and consequences of consuming drugs and prevention of drugs. The route of the walk will be staring from Galle face Green Colombo and ending from Vihara Maha Devi Open Theater. We are planning to invite other organizations to join hands with us so that we can convey the message to a larger crowd in the society. We are expecting 2500 participants to our walk.

MADD - Leo Multiple Walk 2015

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