Warnaloka – 2018

The next project ‘Warnaloka’ was done targeting the Sri Sangamiththaramaya – Gonapola, a monastery and meditation center where sil-thero reside on 5th December 2017. This was a project where the Leos acted in two stages where the initial stage needed the monastery walls to be chemical soaked whereas in phase two the walls were cleaned …


BLISS – 2018

It is said that children with cancer are like candles in the wind who accept that they are most likely to be extinguished by a blast of wind from nowhere, but yet they flicker and dance to remain alive. It is of importance that we keep those children happy to help them win the battles …


Siyak Sipsal

We planned to conduct Maths Seminars to Ordinary level students to discuss subject matters related to difficult areas.
The first phase of the continuous educational seminar series conducted by Leo club of Polgasowita for the O/L students of Millawa Maha Vidyalaya And Moragahahena Maha vidyalaya in order to enhance their mathematical knowledge took place on the …

happiness hour

Happiness Hour

Mental health of the elders at this place is negatively impacted.
Elders are effected with some major mentally affected threats like loneliness and sadness because they must face a situation where they stay away from their own children even though they are grown-ups now.
Individually required attention is not provided for each elder which is one of …

daham sisila

Daham Sisila

Our elders should not be a burden, rather they are the most valuable and respectful personalities in our life. They are the knowledge bank of the path of life that we are passing on now. They have much to offer yet sadly a clear majority of elderly population of Sri Lanka spend their old age …


Widawata Saviyak

Cancer profoundly affects family members, friends and others who are close to a person diagnosed with cancer. It is the family members, friends and others who are close to a person diagnosed with cancer that goes through this agony with the patient. Through this project we hope to relieve some weight off the heavy …

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.


Bodhi Puja Ceremony 2017

Bodhi Pooja is common merit work done by every Buddhist to respect the unlimited wisdom of Lord Buddha which was attained near the Bodhi tree.

It was our strong belief that we shall take upon this new leoistic year with blessings of the wisdom of Lord Buddha and the triple gem by organizing an Ashirvada Bodhi …