Tribute 2018 – An Evening for the Heroes

They sacrificed their future for our today. It’s been 9 years since the end of the 30 years of Civil War in Sri Lanka. The citizens of the country do not go through the horrors of terrorism anymore. But men and women who made it all possible for us to live in harmony still bears scars of the past.

On 17th March, Leos of Polgasowita visited Mihindu Seth Madura located at Attidiya, War Heroes who are being handicapped by the war reside in at Aththidiya. Leos of Pologasowita spent the evening with the heroes to bring happiness and joy to their monotonous daily routine.

A tea party organized by the Leos was followed by a musical evening where Leos together with the soldiers sang along to brighten up the evening. Leo Club of Polgasowita has been continuously conducting the project, Tribute since 2010 with immense success, bringing smile to those who made the supreme sacrifice for us and the future of our motherland. Heroes are never forgotten.

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